Department Bio Technology
Educational Qualification M.Tech, Ph.D
Contact Number 9422291084
Areas of Interest

 Biomaterials. Tissue Engineering, Nanotherapeutics, Nanoplasmonics, Redox Nanomaterials

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Other Info.

Invited/ Guest Lecture 

1. Raman Lecture Series, GIET University, Gunupur, Odisha,May, 2021.

2. Emerging Smart Materials in Applied Chemistry (ESMAC-2020), Kalinga Institute          of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha,10th – 12th August, 2020.

3. Resource person in AICTE-ISTE Induction / Refresher programme on “Role of Biotechnology in Mitigation of Pollution and Restoration of Environment” dated 11/01/2022 to 17/01/2022 conducted at GIET Gunupur,Odisha.

4. Guest Lecture on “Impact of redox active nanomaterials and derived biomaterials in therapeutics” Kalinga University, March,16th 2023.



-International conference on stem cells and cancer (ICSCC-2010), Pune, India, 2010

-Poster presentation TERMIS-Asia Pacific, Daegu, South Korea,2014 

-Poster presentation Korean Dental Association conference, Seoul,South Korea, 2014

-Poster presentation Society for Biomaterials conference, Charlotte, NC, USA,2015 

-Poster presentation at TERMIS-World congress,Boston,MA, USA,2015 

-Oral Presentation -10th World Biomaterials Congress, Montreal,Canada, 2016 

-Poster Presentation at TERMIS- World congress, Kyoto, Japan,2018 

-User’s meeting CytoFLEX BECKMAN COULTER Flow Cytometry- Berlin, Germany,2018

-RESTORE-EU Horizon 2020- 1st ASTM, Berlin, Germany,25-26 Nov 2019

-AICTE-ATAL FDP 24/09/2021 to 28/09/2021 at NIT Raipur

-Oral Talk (Invited)- BIORemedi2022, IIT Guwahati, Dec 15-18, 2022 

-"One-week training program on research instruments for emerging materials and technology" under STUTI-2023, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India at Banaras Hindu University. Jan 23-29, 2023.

-Oral Presentation:International Conference on. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. (ICBAB-2023). 11-13, July 2023. (1st Prize) Financialy supported by CSIR-HRDG and SERB-DEST (in Media) (in Media)


Book Chapter

1.  Chinmaya Mahapatra, Chapter: Atomic force microscopy for biomedical nanotechnology; Editors: Ajeet Kaushik, Sesha S. Srinivasan, Yogendra Kumar Mishra (Eds.) Analytical Techniques for Biomedical Nanotechnology. Institute of Physics (IOP). ISBN10: 0750333774 ,ISBN13: 9780750333771; Published 30 Nov 2022. (Download Link)


Sponsored Research Projects

1.   Principal Investigatior (PI): Dr. Chinmaya Mahapatra

       Department Of Science & Technology, SERB-SRG(23,08,920 INR)

       Status- Ongoing

2.   Principal Investigatior (PI): Dr. Chinmaya Mahapatra

       Seed grant-NIT-Raipur(4,94,606 INR)

       Status- Ongoing


Conference publication

1. Macroporous nanocomposite scaffolds with fibrous internal structure, Chinmaya Mahapatra, Jung-Ju Kim, Cheol-Min Han, Hae-Hyoung Lee, Hae-Won Kim. (2014). Korean Society for Dental Materials, Korean Journal of Dental Material, 41(special),47-48.

2. Collagen-Alginate-Hyaluronan Composite Hydrogels for Effective Culture and Maintenance of Chondrocytes, C. Mahapatra, J. G. Zhen, H.-W. Kim. (2015), Society for Biomaterials, Charlotte, NC, USA.

3.  Hybrid Collagen-alginate-hyaluronan Hydrogels for Sustained Maintenance of Chondrocytes. C. Mahapatra, G. Jin, J. Buitrago, M. Kim, R. A. Perez, H. W. Kim, Tissue Engineering Part A. Aug 2015, 21(S1): S-1-S-413. 4th TERMIS World Congress, Boston, Massachusetts,USA September 8–11, 2015.

4.  Nanotopographical cell stimulation by the electrodeposited carbon nanotubes-based surfaces, Mahapatra C, Dev Patel K, Kundu BD, Kumar Singh RD, Perez RA and Won- Kim HD (2016). Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol. Conference Abstract: 10th World Biomaterials Congress, Montreal, CanadaDoi: 10.3389/conf.FBIOE.2016.01.02970.



- Society for Biomaterials-USA

- Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh), The German Chemical Society

- Alumni Helmholtz society (HZG), Geesthacht, Germany

- Alumni Charité – Universitätsmedizin, Berlin, Germany

- The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society-Pittsburgh, USA

- Life Member, Society for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (India)

- International Association of Engineers (IA ENG)-Hong Kong

- Life Member, The Indian Science Congress Association


Awards and Recognition

-National Research Foundation (BK 21+), Graduate fellowship, South Korea

-Outstanding graduate student research paper award-1st prize-2016

-Outstanding graduate student research paper award-1st prize-2017 

-Best University Graduate Thesis award 2018

-Recipient of KRF (Korea Research Fellowship, 2020) by National Research

Foundation (NRF) South Korea

- Har Govind Khorana Memorial award at Bio-Heal 2023 (13-16th April, 2023 at Rishikesh, INDIA)


Porous biphasic scaffold for regeneration of osteochondral composite tissue and manufacturing method thereof

Korean Patent: 1019620350000 (2019.03.19)

European Patent Office: EP3479852A1

Application number: 18159544.8

“Poröses, zweiphasiges gerüst zur osteochondralen verbundgeweberegeneration und herstellungsverfahren dafür”


Reviewer Activity:

RSC Advances( RSC), New Journal of Chemistry (RSC), JOM: The Journal of the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (Springer), Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine(Springer)

Editorial Board Member:

BMC Research Notes-Springer Nature 

Topical Advisory Panel Member- Pharmaceuticals,MDPI


Undergraduate project students

2022 Passout B.Tech Batch

1.Deepali Singh (18112018) - placement in WIPRO

2.Abhishek Tiwari (17112005)- Placement in GENPACT

3.Pranay Barve (18112036) - Placement in WIPRO

4.Vashist Sharma (18112054) - Placement in TREDENCE Inc.


2023 Passout B.Tech Batch

1.C.Smitha (19112010)- Joined IIT Bhilai

2.Komal Verma (19112028)

3.UshaSree Pandranki (19112043)

4.Devesh Kumar (19112014)

5.Hatkar Phanindhar (19112020)

6.Ratti Vittal Kumar (19112049)



PhD Students (Ongoing)


1.Mr. Dilip Kumar Chandra (PI)

2.Ms. Nikita Verma (Co-PI)



1.  Thermodynamics & Reaction Engineering B.Tech. - IV Semester

2.  Basic Bio-sciences - B.Tech. Semester

3.  Bioprocess calculations - B.Tech. III Semester

4.  Bioprocess Technology - B.Tech. VII Semester

5.  Intellectual Property Right - B.Tech. VI Semester 


Administrative Responsibility at NIT-Raipur:

  • Departmental Faculty Coordinator of  Website Updates- July 2022 Onwards
  • Member of Anti Ragging Committee - 2022 Onwards
  • Joint Faculty Advisor of Students of Biotechnology Department