Dr. Satya  Eswari Jujjavarapu

Department Bio Technology
Designation Assistant professor
Educational Qualification Ph.D
E-Mail satyaeswarij.bt@nitrr.ac.in
Contact Number 09752135824
Areas of Interest
Bioprocess Modelling and Optimization.
Microbial fuel cell process for Waste water treatment .
Insilico drug Discovery Peptide based Drugs .
Computational Biology.

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Other Info.

MTech :IIT Kharagpur

Ph.D.   : IIT Hyderabad

MBA     : IICT Lucknow

BTech students guided: 31

Btech students project guidence ongoing : 7

PhD students ongoing : 5
One project Assistant


Early Career Research award -2017

IEI Young engineer award-2018

Venus Outstanding Woman in Engineering -2019

Short-term courses conducted 

  • One Week TEQIP-II Sponsored Short Term Training Program on Soft Computing and Intelligent Techniques in Science and Engineering (SCI-TSE)From September 30th to October 4th 2016. 
  • One Week TEQIP-II Sponsored Short Term Training Program on “Bioprocess Development, Reactor Design and Analysis" From January 9th to January 13th 2017.


  1. Attended workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights” organized by National institute of Technology Raipur which was held on 14-02-14 & 15-02-14.
  2. Attended workshop on “Academic ethics and IPR” organized by National institute of Technology Raipur & Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology which was held on 04-04-14 & 05-04-14.
  3. Attended training from 2/6/14 to 13/06/14 at National institute of Technology Raipur which conducted by National institute of technical teachers’ training and research, Bhopal.
  4. Attended in the workshop “collection Development of E-books in libraries “as participant organized by central library, NIT, Raipur during 14th -15th November 2014.
  5. Attended in the workshop ”A demonstration on Applications of Labview software and associated hardwares” NIT, Raipur during 26th -30th october 2015.

 Guest lecture/Invited lecture

  1. Dr. B. V. Raju Institute of Technology, chemical engineering department, Hyderabad invited a talk on “Experimental, modeling and optimization studies on bioprocesses”.
  2. National Institute of technology Raipur, Bio-medical Engineering department invited for a talk on Mat lab Software tools “Short term course on Recent Research Methodologies and Instrumentation Techniques on Chemical and Bio-Medical Engineering” which was held on 15th-19th December, 2014.
  3. National Institute of technology Raipur, Computer science department invited for a talk on Mat lab Software tools “Soft computing and Intelligent Techniques in Science and engineering” which was held on 30thsep-19th October, 2016.
  4. National Institute of technology Raipur, Biotechnology department invited for a talk on Design of Experiments for bioprocesses “Bioprocess Development, Reactor Design and Analysis” which was held on 9thJan-13th January, 2017.


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  • Department of science and technology -2010-2013 completed -22 lakhs- Title: Experimental, Modeling and Optimization studies on Biosurfactants-
  • Chattishgarh Counsel of Science and Technology -2016-2018-4 lakhs-on going-Title: Computer-aided drug design of peptide based drugs: lipopeptides 
  • Department of science and technology -2017-2020 Ongoing-43laks- Title: Experimental, Mathematical and Kinetic Modeling of Microbial Fuel Cell From the Waste Water. 


  • 16-08-2013 to till now at NIT Raipur as Assistant Professor
  • 13-06-2010 to 13-06-2013 as woman scientist at IICT Hyderabad

Laboratories taken : BTech-Biotechnology

  • Mechanical unit operations and Bioinformatics

Administrative activies

  • Convenor of Departmental academic committee (DAC), Department of Biotechnology, NIT Raipur. 
  •  BITSA- Faculty incharge.
  • Member of Institute Entrepreneur cell

Member ship

  • Indian institute of chemical engineers life member-
  • The Indian science congress association, Kolkata, India, life member-L25054
  • Indian institute of engineer’s, Kolkata, India Associate member: Membership id: AM155982-9
  • Biotechnology Research society life member, NIIST, Trivandrum, India: Membership id:  LM 1800
  • Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI 4804-2019)

Foreign visits

  • Malaysia- Kaulalumpur
  • Australia-Sydney
  • Singapore

Software skills

Matlab, Shrodinger, C Language, Design expert.